Unfolding Happiness

Where should you look first? The intriguing question expeditiously comes to mind as you stumble upon Lifetastic Patisserie’s new outlet in IFC. The grab-and-go cake boutique is meticulously crafted by Max Lam of his namesake design practice that takes customers on a pleasant journey to discover an exuberant vintage gem hidden in the heart of Central.

A sinuous layered structure on the ceiling upholstered in leather in royal blue – reminiscent of the patisserie’s signature layer cakes –with a celestial-inspired brass pendant from WUU embedded in a carved out circle within the curving structure welcomes customers in a warm, inviting fashion. The counter, walls, floor and ceiling are adorned in terrazzo that ooze a contemporary vibe of understated luxury while creating a visual coherence and perspective for the space.


A wall of pastel blue and an arch-shaped door with a dash of royal blue echo with the dominant blue palette, exuding a sumptuous ambience. The playfulness of terrazzo, the elegance of brass trimmings and top of the cake display cabinet, and the round edges popping up here and there translate a vibrant atmosphere and embellish the compact space dynamically. The fanciful patisserie encourages customers and passersby to refresh their mind in the hustle and bustle where delicate confections reign supreme.

While ensuring creative accents abound, Lam makes a great amount of effort, if not more so, to envision an exuberant canvas that feels balanced and flexible through a strategic composition of texture, patterns and depth. Each nook and corner shines with a distinctive personality, much like life itself – it is a genuine fantastic experience.

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