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"The fundamental and ultimate goal of my design is to improve people’s way of living and interaction within the space they are in. Quality of life is enhanced through the creation of a space that combines aesthetics and lifestyle with functionality and sustainability.”


Being a multifaceted designer in both interior and lighting design, Max also stresses the importance of the use of lighting. “Lighting breathes life into a space. It invigorates the design of an interior. It is an integral and inseparable part in the design process – it completes and enlivens the story.”


Often drawing inspiration from everyday life, Max is observant and attentive to his surroundings and the people in it. His work has an individualized and distinctive style that reflects the character of his clients and their visions. He and his team never settle for less and are often striving to try something new, to explore and to innovate. Their philosophy is 'TO CREATE, NOT TO FOLLOW'.


After graduating from the university with a Bachelor of Business degree, Max decided to follow his heart and pursue his dream in the design industry. His enthusiasm has led him to found his boutique design studio in 2013 and over the last 5 years, Max has engaged in a spectrum of assignments spanning residential, hospitality and corporate commercial projects. His works have gained recognition both locally and abroad, such as the recent Best Of Year, INTERIOR DESIGN, New York, GOLD AWARD by A'Design award (Italy), GERMAN Design Award, BRONZE Award by IDA Award, USA, K-Design Award (Korea), Silver Award, Hong Kong Best Award by Global Design Awards (Hong Kong), 40 under 40 by Perspective Awards, Successful Design Awards Space (Shanghai), MH Prominent Interior Designer and Merit Awards by Hong Kong Lighting Design Competition.


Once of his design work RIPPLE has been acquired by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum in 2017 as permanent collection. He has also been invited to participate in various worldwide design exhibitions including the renowned International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York,  the 100% Design in Shanghai, Kyoto exhibition and Light + Build in Frankfurt, etc.



Hong Kong Interior Design Association (HKIDA) and

Hong Kong Design Association (HKDA).



Max Lam  / Creative Director
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