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" Home is where the heart is. The design of this intimate space must have a timeless quality that complements and elevates the residents’ lifestyle and comfortability."

Streamlined Contemporary

2,500 sq ft

When an avid art-collecting couple invested in a 2,500 sqft Tai Tam residence for themselves and their children, they had in mind an elegant, captivating space that doubles as a place to display . . . .

Cohesive bright villa in Hong Kong

2,500 sq ft

By making use of architectural elements and sophisticated lighting design, Max has curated an interactive and cohesive space for a family of four in this three-storey house with a connecting garden  . . .

Translucent Japanese Residence

470 sq ft

Inspired by world-renowned Japanese master architect Tadao Ando, this interior space accentuates the beauty of simplicity and the architectural element of spatial circulation. Featuring unadorned . . .

Linear Perfection

1,800 sq ft

A family of four puts down roots in a contemporary abode in One Kai Tak that radiates in the dark, thanks to a bold scheme from Max Lam Designs.  .  .  . 

Embrace the Colours of the Life

1,800 sq ft

Diverse colors and materials are used in this apartment that houses three generations to suit the distinctive characters of each. The bold use of pink and green in the living and dining room is   . . .

Japanese Seamless residence

1,200 sq ft

Inspired by simple, clean and minimalist Japanese style interior design, this living space features a pleasant mix of white hue and light-colored wooden MUJI-style furniture and partitions. The color . . .

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

500 sq ft

The saying “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” best describes the concept behind this design. This two-bedroom flat has been turned into a space that seems to be limitless. Every part in . . .

Combination of Color, Lighting, Furnitures

1,500 sq ft

Without changing anything on the layout, we have marvelously transformed this 1,600 sq. ft. apartment into a Scandinavian haven with the use of color, lighting and furniture. The little masters of ...

Breathing Japanese Aesthetics

880 sq ft

Soothing to the eye and calming to the soul best describe the concept behind the design of this interior. The color palette is simple and clean – white, blue, wood and grey, all resembling the colors of nature  . . .

Refreshing White & Aquamarine Color

680 sq ft

For the newly-wed couple looking for a simple and functional living space, Max has chosen the refreshing white and aquamarine colors, combined with a clever use of vertical & horizontal lines to portray . . .

Living in a hotel suite

1,800 sq ft

For this family residing at the Peak, relaxing a hotel suite is what they feel that is most comfortable for them. Their apartment has therefore been transformed into a hotel suite with a warm tone and the . . .

Life is full of colors

830 sq ft

Rainbow colors are used throughout this living space. A bold retro stripe made up of bright green, yellow and red colors is featured on the wall, the ceiling and even the door knob of the room, to connect . . .

When memories come alive

900 sq ft

A table, a chair, each piece of furniture carries stories related to its owner, as a home is where the heart is, it is where precious memories of a family are created. This is especially near and dear to the retired  . . .

Spectacular contemporary house 

3,800 sq ft

Luxe Living by the Victoria Harbour

1,100 sq ft

Nestled in the heart of the city, this luxurious interior design project boasts unrivaled views of Victoria Harbour. Commissioned by a Hong Kong native with a refined taste for whisky and an eye for elegance.  .  .

Contemporary Minimalism Villa

4,800 sq ft

Located at the Peak, the duplex apartment feels far removed from the hectic urban space. An organic and minimalism design, encourages a sense of connection to nature, bringing outdoors in by making . . .

A Zentuary

2,000 sq ft

The client envisaged a minimalistic and warm 2,000-sq-ft living space for a family of four, and, as such, ample storage is needed.  We frame the space with natural materials such as wood and bamboo  . . .

Around the bend

1,200 sq ft

There’s something captivating about curves – the tactile details are the epitome of undisturbed togetherness that arouse emotions  and bring delicacy to a space. When Max Lam curated a family home . . .

Shades of blue

376  sq ft

This 376-sq-ft bachelor party flat in SOHO is a cosy cocoon fuelled by an American owner’s passion - books, art and his love of everything Art Décor.  . . .

A Meticulous Representation of colours & details

1,100 sq ft

A colourful and bright living space can heighten the mood of the people residing in it. The designer has chosen the subtle yet lively mustard yellow and light blue as the primary colours for this   . . .

A sleek all-white haven

1,200 sq ft

As graceful as the color white, the design of the space is simple and clean. From the table to the chairs, to the ceiling and walls, everything is as pure as snow. The Kwun Yum statue (Chinese Goddess of )  . . .

Breathing Room

850 sq ft

Achieving a clean and uncluttered environment is fundamental, we proves comprehensively that less is indeed more, especially in a limited space where clean lines are king and a minimalist aesthetic . . .

Cat and Cat lover's paradise

1,200 sq ft

“Bring in the daylight.” Based on this simple brief, we has created this space into a cat and cat lover’s paradise. The glass partition walls and glass doors introduces the natural daylight to every corner . . .

The Art House

1,950 sq ft

This new Victoria Harbour apartment is the home for an art collector family. They collect contemporary art pieces from paintings, sculptures, ancient Chinese ceramics, classic European . . .

Less is more

1,300 sq ft

“Less is more” best describes the design concept of this project. White is simply the main colour throughout the minimal house, featuring with a number of black lines. The use of light trough . . .

Splendid Residence

1,500 sq ft

The house is a splendid residence, combining various materials including marble, mirror and shiny fabric. Use of decorative lines on ceiling and crystal lightings are the essential elements for the . . .

Modern . Classy . Elegant

2,800 sq ft

Be the Home Chef in this house

1,800 sq ft

Those who enjoy cooking up a storm would love this 1,800 sq. ft. oasis in the city. The spacious open kitchen opens up to the living room and dining room. The home chef can interact with the family members ...

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