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"Brand identity is the core of every business. The corporate DNA is crucial in the design of the space and functionality is key for a smooth operation."

Site Title

Feel with your Eyes the Rhythm of the Air

10,000 sq ft

The concept of air flow is of the essence when it comes to designing a showroom for a reputable air conditioner brand. The flow begins at the entrance, with the white wavy textured wall and soft lighting . . .

Open Loft Design Office

4,000 sq ft

An open and contemporary office of MODERNE & OWINDO office located in a 40-year-old industrial building. The widely open style interior design completely fit with its company design philosophy . . .

Personalized Golf Experience

800 sq ft

This project is not only about interior design, but also about building an environment for customized golf experience. From club to bag, from caps to shoes, there is a path for the golf players to look and . . .

Silent & Peace

2,000 sq ft

This peaceful hall is built inside Queen Elizabeth Hospital for the family whose relative passed away. It provides a silent and peaceful environment for a simple ceremony before bury execution . . .

Bright Supermarket

3,000 sq ft

Combining the interior design with the branding identity design, we create the flagship store of MagStore supermarket in Hong Kong. It provides a chilling, lifestyle experience to pick the food, wine . . .

Simple Minimal Office

3,000 sq ft

An open and minimal office for an IT base office located in Hong Kong. The widely open style interior design allow the IT creative team mates to share the ideas and spirit in the workspace . . .

Loft French Office

2,000 sq ft

A French garment office setting up an open office in Hong Kong. Budget is limited to set up the working area, meeting room, product showcase area, lounge are  well equipped into . . .

Cyber Technology

3,000 sq ft

Located at Cyberport in Hong Kong, Max and his team build a showroom for HKWDC to demonstrate the use of tecnology in multi-media application, including visual, acoustic, interactive . . .

Colorful Kidulthood

1,200 sq ft

Kidulthood is a brand selling high-end kidswear fashion apparel around the world. Colorful rainbow is designed as the main theme to match with the brand identity. It spreads out from the . . .

Beauty Showroom

1,800 sq ft

A typical white is throughout the showroom of beauty products, which always represent clean and pure. That is a showroom of beauty experience, from facial to manicure, from hair to feet, customers . . .

Craft your own Golf  Club

2,000 sq ft

Golf Performance Center is a golf training studio to custom craft golf club after having a professional swing test in the swing studio. A detail analyse and report will be passed to the golf club artisan . . .

Graphti Production Complex

3,000 sq ft

A chic and trendy production complex provides a hub for music recording, editing, dance production and entertainment. We invited a local graffiti artist to perform the wall art which became . . .

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