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"Hospitality is all about people. Be it a grand hotel or a cozy café, the space needs to be welcoming and tailored for the people in it to fully enjoy their special moment."

Site Title

Warm Informality

1,000 sq ft

A wonderous journey awaits to unfold in layers at New Town Plaza as Lifetastic launches a new outpost at the premium shopping mall. Helmed by the brand’s long-time collaborator, Hong Kong based . . . .

The Sweet Escape 

600 sq ft

LIFETASTIC at Festival Walk is not only a delight to your taste buds, but also an enduring feast to all your senses. Envisioned by Hong Kong based multidisciplinary studio Max Lam Designs . . .

Sweetness & Style @ HeSheEat

2,500 sq ft

Inspired by the signature pink lip-shaped logo, the new space is adorned in sweet pinkish color and feminine touches. Before entering the café, one would be attracted to the three-dimensional wood . . . .

A posh place to enjoy the sweet little moments

1,200 sq ft

Life is fantastic. Inspired by the name and concept of this high-end patisserie, Max has created a thoughtfully curated space with bold and bespoke elements for guests to savor the handcrafted cakes . . .

Scandinavian Dessert Journey

1,900 sq ft

Max wanted to curate a dessert restaurant that appeals to the senses. The “dessert journey” starts from the open kitchen at the shop front, this interactive space not only acts to welcome the customers . . .

Chinese Restaurant with a Moroccan Twist

4,000 sq ft

Located in a private villa in Sai Kung and serving modern Chinese cuisine, the interior of this restaurant is a fusion of contemporary Chinese with a Moroccan influence. A set of wooden Moroccan . . .

British-style Wine bar and Tasting room

3,000 sq ft

Inspired by the old British college hall style, this wine bar and tasting room in Sai Kung is the hippest place to be for the wine aficionados. The British-style brass bridge framework design juxtaposed . . . 

The lightness of being in a Japanese restaurant

4,800 sq ft

True to the name of this Japanese restaurant, the design reflects a state of mind that is calming, balanced and peaceful. “Chi” flows into the restaurant through the circular entrance . . .

An extension of the dessert journey

2,800 sq ft

Following the success of the Kowloon shop, this is the Hong Kong extension of the well-liked dessert place. Located inside a shopping mall with an open space, Max has brilliantly installed . . .

Modish brasserie in Sai Kung

4,000 sq ft

Located in a private villa, this all-day-dining restaurant features a classic romantic French design with a modern touch. The white-grey wall features marble, mirror and wall covering made . . .

New Shanghai @ HKCEC

4,000 sq ft

This is a modern oriental Shanghai cuisine restaurant located at Hong Kong Convention Exhibition Center. Lighting is the main element in the space. In the main dining area, 4 pieces of huge stainless steel . . .

Contemporary Chinese Tea Room

900 sq ft

This place in Sai Kung offers tea lovers a tasteful room to enjoy the art of Chinese Tea. The wooden curved ceiling gives the feeling of a roof you would find on an old Chinese house . . .

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