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Lighting is dynamic. Bespoke lighting product can decorate a space and through the different shapes and sizes, color, temperature, reflection and refraction, it can tell the story behind the creation. It could be an art piece in itself.

Ripples                                               /  2016

Taking inspiration from the water ripples, this lamp does not only capture the beauty and peacefulness of the natural phenomenon when a droplet is dropped into the water, but it is also shaped to bring out the spirit of the ripple effect, when one thing leads to another and a long term influence is created out of a very small event.

The idea is materialized when a person gives a helping hand to someone in need, the act will motivate the beneficiary to help others and create a ripple effect to spread the good deeds.

Through this lamp, designer want to encourage people to take the lead, be the first one to start the ripple effect and ultimately create a friendlier environment.

This lamp is collaborated with a leading Italian lighting manufacturer, VIABIZZUNO, which handcrafted by an experienced glass artisan from Venice.


** AWARD **

HONG KONG BEST, Global Design Award 2016

Silver Award, Global Design Award 2016

Silver Award, K-Design Award, Korea 2017

Ding Ding                                            /  2016

COBO HOUSE & ARTISAN ROOM locate at Kennedy Town, the area where Tram is a core transportation for over a decade.

Since 1904, Trams have been running between the east and the west along the northern coast of HK island. Over the last

century, Trams witnessed the development of Hong Kong.

We would like to design a lamp tribute to Hong Kong heritage historical transportation. 

This brass chandelier titled Ding Ding - drawing inspiration from the century -old transportation, the design resembles the tram rail, resulting in a set of smooth yet sturdy lines and curves that pays tribute to the city's heritage.

Fish Scales                                        /  2010

When a fish is swimming, its scales are also moving, semi-transparent body even reflects some light underneath the scales. The freely swimming in the ocean and the movement of the scales inspire the designer of vitality and freedom.

Melting                                                          /  2010

The lamp captures the moment of melting ice. In 2010, a huge iceberg in Greenland Island burst into pieces due to global warming. When the lamp 'energy' is on and consumed excessively, has anyone think of the suffering from the other side on the earth? Has anyone think about the abuse use of energy accelerates the ice melting?

Melting Lamp (LIGHT HERE; MELT THERE) arouses the awareness of global warming by demonstrating the melting ice moment in a luminous fixture.

MODERNE                                       /  2007

The signature of Max collection brings the visible wind from nature to your home sweet home. With its sophistated deco arms, enjoy the moody ambience brought from the special light shadow on your walls.

** AWARD **

Shortlisted, Perspective Award

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