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Sweetness and Style @ HeSheEat

To bring the well-liked dessert café to the new neighborhood in the New Territories, Max has skillfully highlighted the brand identity in the design concept.


Inspired by the signature pink lip-shaped logo, the new space is adorned in sweet pinkish color and feminine touches. Before entering the café, one would be attracted to the three-dimensional wood striped accent wall in the brand’s signature pink color. The curvy shape and lines form created using parametric design technique is an artistic representation of the silhouette of the lip.


Echoing the feminine shape and color of the lip, the pendant lamps and wall lamps are all custom-designed to resemble the shape of gold earrings with pearls. Ladies will also be thrilled to find a VIP corner in the shop that is furnished with a romantic floral wallpaper, pink sofa and a mirror wall that reflects a half heart-shaped neon pink LED to form a whole heart – the ideal spot for a charming selfie!


Passing through the lively spacious main dining open area, one can move into a slightly more secluded seating area, where there are floor-to-ceiling glass walls with gradient effect to offer privacy while remaining visually unobtrusive. Elements of architectural style can also be seen next to the glass walls, where wooden triangular panels formed by stripes of different lengths were placed from the floor to the ceiling and even connected to the other side of the wall and the triangular pattern on the pink sofa.


Thoughtfully crafted with guests' comfort in mind, the place exudes a welcoming vibe thanks to the light wood color tone and minimalist design. The wood striped features found from the entrance to the furniture pieces, and from the ceiling to the wall, are aesthetically placed to accentuate a contemporary Japanese-style sleekness.

** AWARD **

Best Of Year Awards 2018, INTERIOR DESIGN, New York

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