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The Sweet Escape

LIFETASTIC at Festival Walk is not only a delight to your taste buds, but also an enduring feast to all your senses. Envisioned by Hong Kong based design practice Max Lam Designs, the 600 sq ft patisserie oozes a subtle sense of luxury that results from a multitude of details: ethereal arches, sculptural light fixtures, warm brass, as well as a royal blue colour scheme to reinforce the visual reference to its corporate identity. 

“We were tasked to create a blue box on the podium of Festival Walk, a high-end shopping arcade in Kowloon Tong that boasts high mall traffic. The brief was to curate an enclosed yet visible grab-and-go patisserie,” Max Lam, creative director and founder of Max Lam Designs, recounts the creative journey. “While we have collaborated with the brand on several branches prior, during this specific project, we were particularly challenged by space limitation and low ceilings.” 

As a result, two arched entrances custom-designed for adults and children inspired by Milano double doors are in place to create a sense of airiness and spaciousness. Drawing your attention towards the Art Wall at the back is a sizeable sculptural pendent hung across the display counters to heighten the low ceilings visually; come closer and appreciate the intriguing beauty of Hong Kong artist Eunis’s creation – the Art Wall is a composition of 392 pieces of small oil paintings depicting the brand’s signature layered cakes. Meanwhile, it also serves as an innovative installation that gradually reveals “LIFETASTIC”.

Next to the bespoke addition is alifelike oil painting with frames capturing all the wonderful details in life – tantalizing delicacies, artistic objects, and natural accents, encouraging people to come in and ponder.

To complete your sensational journey, don’t forget to order the custom-crafted cake inspired by the store’s arched entrances, exclusively available from Festival Walk’s LIFETASTIC.

** AWARD **

Restaurant and Bar Design Awards 2022, United Kingdom

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