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Warm Informality

A wonderous journey awaits to unfold in layers at New Town Plaza as Lifetastic launches a new outpost at the premium shopping mall. Helmed by the brand’s long-time collaborator, Hong Kong based multidisciplinary studio Max Lam Designs, the modern patisserie is a dreamlike world of indulgent delicacies. 

Adopting a poetic flair derived from the ocean fora dramatic entry facade, the stuido’s creative director Max Lam gave the 1,000 sq ft space a soothing context of soft blues, brass surfaces and geometric patterns. “Situated in the heart of the lifestyle and fashion hub, we envisioned this latest Lifetastic outpost as an urban haven that would encourage shoppers to slow their pace and engage with the surroundings on a sensory level,” says Lam of his design approach. “We felt the importance to create a sense of ritual and arrival, so we decided to go with an architectural frame for the storefront. The brand’s speciality, layer cakes, is consequently echoed in a blue opening entry facade with gradient effect to complete Lifetastic’s visual identity like its every other branch.” 

As if stepping inside a jeweller’s shop, a wealth of sophisticated cakes is delicately kept in a glass cabinet along the island counter that gives room for the flow of customers and gently leads them to admire and purchase. Divided into two areas, a designated zone is mainly for order and on display is the art of confectionary, the next space features flexible and banquet seating options where different shades of blue and intriguing geomatic shapes grace the floor and appointments. Sculptural pendant lamps and lighting fixtures further accentuate a surreal ambience for the pastry boutique. Adjacent to the staff area is a relatively intimate seating area dominated by an otherworldly vibe – a gold hemisphere volume is playfully embedded in the ceiling for a whimsical touch. Arched forms and rounded edges also add a minimal yet impactful aesthetic value to the surroundings. 

“By capturing the essence of Lifetastic’s speciality, we have created six outposts for the brand so far,” Lam recalls. “Each design journey was as unique as it was challenging. For each branch, we got inspired by a different aspect of the layer cake for a delightful interior that was as delicious as the sumptuous delicacies served within.” Certainly, the New Town Plaza outpost embodies Lifetastic’s philosophy that constantly challenges and transforms the tradition by elevating each sweet delicacy into an art form.  

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