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A posh place to enjoy the sweet little moments in life

Life is fantastic. Inspired by the name and concept of this high-end patisserie, Max has created a thoughtfully curated space with bold and bespoke elements for guests to savor the handcrafted cakes while appreciating the beauty of things in life.


The Lifetastic journey begins when one enters the patisserie, it is like traveling into another world, as the ceiling is shaped like a tunnel with arches that extend to the sides of a wall. Drawing inspirations from Lifetastic’s signature multi-layered cakes, the ceiling and wall feature five different textures, patterns and shades of blue color to produce a gradient effect resembling a piece of cake with nine layers.


Initially being drawn in by the colorful cakes presented inside the crystal-clear pastry display cabinet at the entrance, one would then be attracted to the elegantly chic and stylish interior adorned in royal blue color, brass trimmings white marble and walnut veneer, all designed to capture the attention and imagination of the customers.


Surrounding the pastry showcase centerpiece are various styles of seating to suit the distinctive needs of the customers. Perfect for family and group customers, the main seating area is furnished with an elongated royal blue velvet sofa with bubble-like crystal glass chandelier for a dreamy look and a comfy feel.  For the more relaxed customers, there are high tables with circular-shaped high chairs, featuring decorative brass circles and ball-shaped wall lamps, forming a symmetric spot for taking like-worthy photos. Specially designed for the lovebirds and those looking to have an intimate conversation, there are two VIP booths at the back with asymmetrical curve seating that offers privacy and a photogenic spot for taking selfies.


To make a bold contrast to the feminine curvy and wavy lines on the ceiling and in the seating areas, the diamond-cut marble and brass flooring give a masculine architectural touch to complete the overall aesthetic of the space.

** AWARD **

RESTAURANT & BAR Design Awards 2019, United Kingdom

A&D Trophy Award 2019, Hong Kong

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