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Translucent Japanese Residence

Inspired by world-renowned Japanese master architect Tadao Ando, this interior space accentuates the beauty of simplicity and the architectural element of spatial circulation. Featuring unadorned concrete walls – a signature aspect prominent in Ando’s often massive architectural project, the minuteness of this space astoundingly captures the beautiful quintessence of the Master.


The flow of the space has been created by transforming the bathroom into a centerpiece that connects all the different parts of the house – a living room, a dining room, a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom all combined into one spacious living area. Glass walls are used to introduce the natural daylight from the window to the interior and to act as transparent viewing glass to give see-through vision to other parts of the house, demonstrating a manifestation of light and air penetration. 


Sliding wooden partitions with concealed railing tracks separate the bedroom and the living room seamlessly, presenting flexibility to be opened up to broaden the view without obtruding aesthetic harmony. The extensive use of wood is on the one hand to insinuate the contemporary Japanese design aspect and on the other hand, to better reflect the lighting and portray a three-dimensional perspective with the diagonal veins on the wood surface.


Essence of Japanese quality contributes to the zen-like ambiance of the space. From the traditional Japanese genkan at the entrance to the remodeled bathroom comprising of a separate wet and dry section. This is a breakthrough interpretation of Ando’s design concept in the context of a modern city residence.

** AWARD **

Best Of Year 2017, INTERIOR DESIGN, New York

Winner, LIT Lighting Design Award 2017, Los Angeles

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