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Breathing room

Achieving a clean and uncluttered environment is fundamental, we prove comprehensively that less is indeed more, especially in a limited space where clean lines are king and a minimalist aesthetic can reap maximum rewards. 

To design this 750 sq-ft apartment into a warm, welcoming haven, Max widely used white walls and cream floors to provide the neutral base for a minmalist aesthetic, accentuated by a touch of pale grey in soft furnishings such as curtains and rugs - and in the feature wall in the master bedroom.

Making up the heart of the project, however, was the extensive re-jigging of the layout and space allocation. The dining room and kitchen were opened up to createa larger, social space, with practical storage that clearly puts the 'fun' in 'functional'. In addition to a low side-cabinet, a glass shelf at knee-height under the dining table provides additional display storage space - while the table itself also multitasks as a counter workspace. 

The biggest changes took place in the bedroom space, where we began by removing the wall of the study to allow more lighting to flood into the corridor - which itself tends to be overlooked as 'leftover' space in most Hong Kong apartments. Replacing the wall is a floor-to-ceiling partition in glass, resulting in a much more spacious feel and ambience.

** AWARD **

Successful Design Awards 2015, Shanghai


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