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Contemporary Minimalism Villa

Located at the Peak, the duplex apartment feels far removed from the hectic urban space. An organic and minimalism design, encourages a sense of connection to nature, bringing outdoors in by making the most of the natural light and maximizing the view become the fundamental part of the design. Spacious living room and kitchen connects the indoor and outdoor world. Besides capturing the greenery and turning the scene into a room height master piece of the nature when it is closed, the glass accordion door has also added continuity and fluidity to the space when it is fully opened.

The principle of sustainability, contemporary design is applied. Functional partition is used for increasing the diversity of the space from living room to guest room, study room, and bedroom.

Lighting is another focus, designer enhances the space by providing cozy and comfortable ambience lighting as well as different functional lighting for the art piece and the environment. 

** AWARD **

Successful Design Awards 2016, Shanghai

K-DESIGN Award 2016, Korea

A'DESIGN Award 2016, Italy

IDA Design Awards 2015, USA 

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