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On the first day of Creation, God said, “Let there be light.” The importance of lighting in both hospitality and residential projects are to create ambience and to illuminate the space for different practical purposes.

HeSheEat                                                             /  2013

While comfort and relaxation were at the heart of the design process, Max gave a stylish boost to the dessert place with a splash of bright pink on the VIP floor, a gold designer pendant lamp set - Void by Tom Dixon, along with the neon pink calligraphy shop name lighting installation.

Walking up the staircase to the first floor, one would find antique incandescent lamps and classic Edison light bulbs, adding a sense of mystique to the sweet space.

HeSheEat                                           /  2015

Located inside a shopping mall with an open space, Max has brilliantly installed rows of Tom Dixon Beat lights to attract not only the people directly outside of the shop but also pedestrian on the ground level who could see this massive installation from the wall-to-ceiling windows of the shopping mall.

The VIP dining area was highlighted with the installation ofa row of Plumen bulbs in a V-shaped arrangement. Two pieces of shocking pink designer lamps from Lolita, by Nika Zupanc perfectly punched up the soufflé bowl shaped steel zone seating.

New Shanghai@HKCEC                  /  2010

The lighting of this Shanghainese restaurant is generally inspired by Chinese culture. Placed in the main dining area, the five huge chandeliers are made up of over 30,000 pieces of crystals shaped in the form of Chinese Copper Coins (C.C.C.), which represents luck and fortune.

The bespoke chandeliers in the private dining rooms each feature an element of the "Four Gentlemen of Flowers” – Chrysanthemum (Mums), Bamboo and Plum Blossom, matching with the names and interior design of the private spaces.

Royal Penisula                                                  /  2011

The overall lighting in this residence is simple and functional, yet Max and his team added touches of fun and excitement to enliven the living space. The award-winning lamp Moderne Mr. was chosen to be the feature piece on the wall of the living room. The playful but subtle COIL pendant lamp makes dining-in a pleasurable experience.

Vintage lighting                                            /  2007

50’s vintage lighting fixtures were sourced from different parts of the world, including Germany, Australia, the U.S., to complement the colorful 50’s style furniture. Also featured are custom-made modern steel lamps – Diamond and C.C.C. Chrome Chandelier, whichare art pieces on their own.

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