Breathing Japanese Aesthetics

Soothing to the eye and calming to the soul best describe the concept behind the design of this interior. The color palette is simple and clean – white, blue, wood and grey, all resembling the colors of nature and contribute to the zen-like minimalist aesthetics of the space.


Accentuating a sense of energy flow and lightness, wooden stripes play an essential role in weaving together the different parts of the house. From the sliding wooden-striped partitions at the open kitchen, to the legs of the console table, to the asymmetrical placement of wooden stripes on the bed panel wall.


Keeping in mind the practical needs of the home owner who is a teacher, Max has built a TV wall panel that incorporates ample space for books. The light wood bookshelf unit is also seamlessly intertwined with the light grey built-in wall cabinet of different height to create a harmonious yet stylish feature wall effect.

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