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Shades of blue

This 376-sq-ft bachelor party flat in SOHO is a cosy cocoon fuelled by an American owner’s passion - books, art and his love of everything Art Décor. 


To provide a proper home for the rich collection of books in this snug small space, a low, long bookshelf is cleverly designed along the bay windows without obstructing the city view overlooking the neighbouring PMQ.  Right by the bookshelf, a couch is deliberately placed in the centre of the room, giving way to a 360-degree passage which invites house guests to mingle over the lounge area as well as the adjacent open kitchen / bar boasting the same open view - a perfect alteration to the original plan.  As such, a widened bar table (also serves flexibly as a kitchen island and a dining table) is then made possible even though space is limited, allowing the host to entertain and interact freely with his guests in the den. 


Connecting all the rooms is a specially featured blue beam above the windows lining up on one side of the flat, elongating from the living room all the way to the bedroom.  After opening all of the bedroom sliding dividing doors, the beam not only unites the space but also visually enlarges the space, and that movements seamlessly flow from one room to another.  The open plan also gives access to appreciate the owner’s eclectic art collection sporadically installed and the many Art Décor features and textures meticulously infused in every single corner of the flat - the use of brass, the moroccan tiles in the kitchen, curved-edge handles, the details on the sliding doors, the Art Décor lines on cabinet doors, and etc.  Such design treatment is a contemporary reincarnation of Art Décor in an urban abode, freed from aesthetic burden in a space-challenging environment. 


Privacy in this open space is not an issue - while the guests party the night away, the host can still enjoy his solitude by closing the translucent bedroom doors and emerge himself in his bed or at his secluded work station quietly tucked away amongst the closets.  Storage solution is crucial to small spaces - thanks to the customised platform underneath the bed, additional yet discreet storage is possible. 


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