Embrace the Colors of Life

Diverse colors and materials are used in this apartment that houses three generations to suit the distinctive characters of each.


The bold use of pink and greenin the living and dining room is what makes this apartment tastefully stylish. Juxtaposing with the classy marble wall, the stone panel, and the wallpaper of different textures, coupled with the see-through glass wine cabinet embellished with copper lines, all colors and materials are aesthetically coordinated which demonstrates artisanal craftsmanship and a modern interpretation of luxury.


Walnut wood and imperial green can be found in the master bedroom to portray a subtle elegant European style that befits the master of the house. The same goes for the guest room for the grandparents with dark grey and walnut wood giving a sophisticated appeal. Bedroom for the daughter is adorned in a sweet lilac hue and decorated with a romantic wall painting; whereas a calming aquamarine shade with a soothing painting is selected for the son. The use of pastel tone is extended to the play areafeaturing geometric-patterned ceiling and wall to create a young and inspirational vibe.

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