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Where Memories Come Alive

A table, a chair, each piece of furniture carries stories related to its owner, as a home is where the heart is, it is where precious memories of a family are created. This is especially near and dear to the retired couple moving back to Hong Kong from the UK.


They would like their new home in Hong Kong to keep alive their memories for reminiscing of the past while fusing a comfortable and contemporary design that is well-suited for everyday living. This is made possible with Max’s uses of simple lines, a muted color palette of beige, olive green and grey, and a mix of materials like light wood and toned glass. All aesthetically coordinated to beautifully weave together the traditional and the modern elements, thus exuding a calm and relaxed ambiance with an understated sense of class and elegance.


The rosewood dining table and chairs have been with the couple ever since they got married. It is a meaningful piece that deserves a significant space in the new home. By adorning the wall next to it with the owner’s painting collections, the dining area portrays a sophisticated and artistic appeal befitting the tastes of the owners.


The main living area features a floor-to-ceiling TV wall panel with subtle accent lighting that displays the antiques, collectibles, and books carefully brought back by the owners from the UK, and it also serves as a dramatic focal point of the space.  Another highlight in the living room is the specially built curvy structure behind the sofa, which not only straightened out the diamond-shaped living room but also made available additional storage space for practical purposes.


Accentuating the spatial circulation and flow in the apartment, the study, bedroom, and washroom have been combined into one grand master ensuite through the use of toned glass walls to partition the various spaces. Natural daylight is introduced through the windows and glass panels to brighten and warm up the interior for spacious and comfortable living.

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