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Japanese seamless residence 

Inspired by simple, clean and minimalist Japanese style interior design, this living space features a pleasant mix of white hue and light-colored wooden MUJI-style furniture and partitions. The color palette juxtaposes pale monochromatic foundations with elegant texture of marble and rose gold stainless steel to bring out a sense of aesthetic harmony. 


Spatial magic is employed to broaden the view like the use of a glass sliding porte to replace the wall of the study room to introduce the natural daylight from the harbor view and to seamlessly connect the various sections in the apartment. Another functional element is the wall-to-ceiling V-shaped veneer pattern panel in the dining area which serves as both a centerpiece and a cover to conceal the shoe cabinet and storage area. Mesmerizing architectural concept lighting is at play that runs from the floor to the ceiling and horizontally across the ceiling to create a linear effect and to complete the overall design. 

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