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A sleek all-white haven

As graceful as the color white, the design of the space is simple and clean. From the table to the chairs, to the ceiling and walls, everything is as pure as snow. The Kwun Yum statue (Chinese Goddess of Mercy) in the dining area further exudes a comforting aura of serenity. Lighting plays a mood-setting role in this minimalistic apartment. The award-winning “Ripples” lamp made of Murano glass is strategically placed to project a ripple-like shadow on the dining table that serves as a centerpiece; zig-zag lighting from the ceiling to the wall is used to link up the various independent living spaces.  Another feature worth noting is the contemporary British-style three-dimensional wall panel in the Master bedroom that not only adds a fashionable touch, but also acts as a front to conceal the air-conditioning window.

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