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"Hospitality is all about people. Be it a grand hotel or a cozy café, the space needs to be welcoming and tailored for the people in it to fully enjoy their special moment."

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An extension of the dessert journey

09 Sept 2015

New Shanghai @ HKCEC

01 August 2010

This is a modern oriental Shanghai cuisine restaurant located at Hong Kong Convention Exhibition Center. Lighting is the main element in the space. In the main dining area, 4 pieces of huge stainless steel . . .

Following the success of the Kowloon shop, this is the Hong Kong extension of the well-liked dessert place. Located inside a shopping mall with an open space, Max has brilliantly installed . . .

Lively Korean bistro

03 Feb 2015

Bright yellow is the theme color for this Korean bistro in the neighborhood to target the young clientele and to bring out the chill and relaxing feeling. Fun font types and creative graphics . . .

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