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Lighting is dynamic. Bespoke lighting product can decorate a space and through the different shapes and sizes, color, temperature, reflection and refraction, it can tell the story behind the creation. It could be an art piece in itself.

Coil                                                       /  2008

No matter long or short, life is full of excitment, boredom and worries, inspired by the Chinese saying 'After rain comes sunshine', Max presents you Coil. When you are in the darkest part, cheer up , a brighter life is right in front. 

Cell Molecule                                    /  2008

Cell series brings the concept of cell division into lighting, a big round molecule splits into smaller molecules and further split into smaller ones, to unlimited

Tube                                                    /  2008

Connection extend crisscrossingly and unlimitedly, from an individual, to a society, to the whole world. Tube, with levels of crisscrossing connections between different classess, levels, races, or countries ,expresses Cosmopolitan.

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