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Lighting is dynamic. Bespoke lighting product can decorate a space and through the different shapes and sizes, color, temperature, reflection and refraction, it can tell the story behind the creation. It could be an art piece in itself.

Mums                                                  / 2007

This is the third concept design of 'the Four Gentlemen of Flower" in China. Being named as one, Chrysanthemums carry the nature of energy yet cool. Beautiful curved petals are gone through by light beams picturing glorious shadow

C.C.C. comprises of many steel pieces in the shape of Chinese copper coins. Round metal pieces connecting tightly to form a large cube, resembles to the ancient Chinese idea of 'Flat earth round sky' and brings a message of 'Unity is strength'

Chinese Copper Coins (C.C.C.)  / 2009

Plum Blossom                                 / 2008

This is the second concept design of "Four Gentlemen of Flower" in China. From the flowery setting, enjoy the grace and elegance from the shining Plum Blossom.  

Diamond                                            / 2007

Bring the shining luxury to home! With the perfect geometric shape, this diamond shines from and to all angles, form the simplest from to sophisticated objects.

Leaf                                                      / 2007

No more a supporting role to the flowers, Leaf stands alone and shines proudly. Allow leaf to glow and attracts all attention from everyone under the roof.

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