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Around the bend

There’s something captivating about curves – the tactile details are the epitome of undisturbed togetherness that arouse emotions and bring delicacy to a space. When Max Lam curated a family home in Tuen Mun, he set out to imbue a wealth of rounded contours to soften the sharp edges and dampen the feeling of austerity.


At 1,200 sq ft, the apartment’s diamond-shaped layout proved to be both a design challenge and a blessing in disguise. “This is an urban oasis shared by a couple and their young child, so it’s essential to conceive a balmy living environment that can grow and flourish with the family,” the founder of Max Lam Designs expresses. “The application of curved profiles not only serves as an aesthetic element, but also creates flexible spaces that can adapt to different occasions and allow for future changes in the family structure.”


That translated into a calm and collected colour palette throughout the generous-sized home, as well as a curved wooden TV wall aptly added to the entertaining hub to create subspaces for storage while also concealing it. “This subtle addition helps straightening the living area by utilising a formerly redundant corner without compromising the kid’s safety.” Lam continues.


Such organic design principle is mirrored in the adjoining dining area too. Boosting a built-in banquette with curved edges to fit extra seating and a low-slung sculptural pendant, the area is immersed with an intimate atmosphere set for casual get-togethers and family celebrations. Meanwhile, the well-equipped kitchen features a framed grey glass door that allows the adults to keep an eye on the child as they prepare meals.


Moving on to the private quarters, the subdued master bedroom is another delicate study on the couple’s discerning taste. “Their penchant for khaki and darker shades of grey is realised through a refined use of materials and selected appointments; while they are blessed to enjoy an unobstructed views of the surrounding, we intentionally placed a sophisticated lounge chair to fill the nook by the curved windows for a seamless transition,” the designer adds. On the other hand, by opening up the maid’s room and the original children’s bedroom, the kid zone is now a convertible space with versatile sliding doors in-between for easy reconfiguration that can keep up the growth with the child.


Backed by such meticulous build plan, the serene abode can certainly accommodate years of love and changes to come.

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