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" Home is where the heart is. The design of this intimate space must have a timeless quality that complements and elevates the residents’ lifestyle and comfortability."

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Be the Home Chef in this house

01 August 2013

Those who enjoy cooking up a storm would love this 1,800 sq. ft. oasis in the city. The spacious open kitchen opens up to the living room and dining room. The home chef can interact with the family members ...

Living in a hotel suite

03 Apr 2011

For this family residing at the Peak, relaxing a hotel suite is what they feel that is most comfortable for them. Their apartment has therefore been transformed into a hotel suite with a warm tone and the . . .

Life is full of colors

22 Sept 2008

Rainbow colors are used throughout this living space. A bold retro stripe made up of bright green, yellow and red colors is featured on the wall, the ceiling and even the door knob of the room, to connect . . .

A Contemporary Duplex Apartment

09 Sept 2015

The over 25-year-old duplex apartment had a facelift and turned into a modern luxurious serviced apartment. This fits the landlord’s intention to attract tenants who are looking for a comfortable  . . .

Less is more

10 Dec 2009

“Less is more” best describes the design concept of this project. White is simply the main colour throughout the minimal house, featuring with a number of black lines. The use of light trough . . .

Splendid Residence

02 June 2012

The house is a splendid residence, combining various materials including marble, mirror and shiny fabric. Use of decorative lines on ceiling and crystal lightings are the essential elements for the . . .

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