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" Home is where the heart is. The design of this intimate space must have a timeless quality that complements and elevates the residents’ lifestyle and comfortability."

Site Title

Nature Element

01 August 2013

Nature has been recreated in this living space. One would find elements of nature throughout – wall paper with tree texture pattern, glass mirror with tree shadow pattern, and a lamp design that is . . .

Spectacular contemporary house 

03 Apr 2011

Loft Apartment in Soho

12 Oct 2013

Located at the heart of Central in Hong Kong, this small apartment, 550 sq ft, lived with an Australian couples who love to cook and have home parties with family and friends. We created a well equipped . . .

Modern . Classy . Elegant

09 Sept 2015

Chocolate brown Residence

04 May 2015

In the Mood for Monochrome

26 Jan 2013

A chic and trendy execution of the colors black, white and grey can be found in this petite apartment. Spatial tricks were also used by Max to create additional visual space, like the kitchen cabinet with .  .  . 

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