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" Home is where the heart is. The design of this intimate space must have a timeless quality that complements and elevates the residents’ lifestyle and comfortability."

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The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

01 May 2016

The saying “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” best describes the concept behind this design. This two-bedroom flat has been turned into a space that seems to be limitless. Every part in . . .

Combination of Color, Lighting, Furnitures

03 Feb 2015

Without changing anything on the layout, we have marvelously transformed this 1,600 sq. ft. apartment into a Scandinavian haven with the use of color, lighting and furniture. The little masters of ...

Refreshing White & Aquamarine Color

12 Oct 2015

For the newly-wed couple looking for a simple and functional living space, Max has chosen the refreshing white and aquamarine colors, combined with a clever use of vertical & horizontal lines to portray . . .

Contemporary Minimalism Villa

09 Sept 2015

Located at the Peak, the duplex apartment feels far removed from the hectic urban space. An organic and minimalism design, encourages a sense of connection to nature, bringing outdoors in by making . . .

Breathing Room

04 Mar 2014

Achieving a clean and uncluttered environment is fundamental, we proves comprehensively that less is indeed more, especially in a limited space where clean lines are king and a minimalist aesthetic . . .

Cat and Cat lover's paradise

06 August 2015

“Bring in the daylight.” Based on this simple brief, we has created this space into a cat and cat lover’s paradise. The glass partition walls and glass doors introduces the natural daylight to every corner . . .

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