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Linear Perfection

A family of four puts down roots in a contemporary abode in One Kai Tak that radiates in the dark, thanks to a bold scheme from Max Lam Designs. 

“The parents were very receptive to the idea of an atmospheric scheme, so we set the tone with darker, more saturated shades of grey and brown to enhance the sense of drama thoroughly,” says Max Lam, founder and creative director of the design practice. The result is a modern family retreat that doubles as a social destination for friends and family.

A seemingly afterthought idea was pivotal and subsequently added to Lam’s design bravura.“Extension of the entrance to the dining and living areas, as well as the ceilings and walls, and a surreptitious interplay of horizontal and vertical lines combine to create an illusion of expanded space and ooze tranquillity,” explains the designer as he tours around the apartment. 

Behind the dining table is a feature wall lined with floor-to-ceiling shelves in stone- and wood-effect coverings that shine an elegant sparseness. To balance the raw, masculine silhouettes that dominate the dining area, Lam and his team brought in a pair of translucent pendants by Haberdashery to create a soft, radiant glow. 

The subtle treatment applies to the entertainment area to create layers and depth, too. Warm walnut accents, exquisite appointments and curvaceous shelving spaces in white marble on the wall panel contribute to an ineffably relaxing ambience. 

A notable difference from usual white or bright accents adopted in most private quarters, the master bedroom is dominated by relaxing, muted dark tones evidenced in the patterned and textured wallcoverings and floor-to-ceiling wardrobes, ensuring a restful night for the homeowners. It’s not entirely an easy feat, and though there were obstacles to overcome, the collaborative process was essentially a labour of love to all sides.

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