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Hong Kong Cohesive bright villa

By making use of architectural elements and sophisticated lighting design, Max has curated an interactive and cohesive space for a family of four in this three-storey house with a connecting garden.


Natural lighting is introduced to every corner of the house, coming from the roof window through the glass stair railing to the living room; and from the glass panel wall at the porte cohere to the dining room. The natural lighting is then intertwined with the various carefully-designed artificial light sources positioned on the ceiling, below the cabinets, and on the floor level to bring about a multi-layered, highly coordinated and harmonized lighting effect.


A significant architectural concept used in the interior design of this house is the feature wall and the flooring that extend from the open kitchen into the garden. Through using the same materials and design, the indoor and outdoor spaces are integrated as a whole. Another visually appealing spatial trick is the floor-to-ceiling display cabinet. This centerpiece is practical and can effectively heighten the vertical perspective of the overall living space.


Being a father himself, Max understands the needs of the new parents. He designed a see-through glass stair railing and placed sleek working desks in the living room and in the bedroom, such that the parents can look after and interact with their children even when they are working at home. A fence panel made of walnut wood is placed next to the window in the bathroom to bring in the natural light and to create a relaxing spa ambiance for the parents to unwind after a long day. 

** AWARD **

German Design Award 2018, Germany

A'Design Award 2017, GOLD AWARD, Italy

IDA Design Award 2017, BRONZE AWARD, United States

K-Design Award 2017, Korea

Prominent Interior Designer 2017, MH, Hong Kong

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